(May 17, 2017) --

Denver, Colorado students from the Logan School for Creative Learning spent the last several days exploring coastal Alabama with hands-on activities.

The 6th through 8th grade students spent three days at the lab where they took a trip on the Research Vessel Alabama Discovery, got a bit dirty exploring the salt marsh on Dauphin Island, met a big blue crab in person, learned how to build ROVs and see how well their designs worked when put to the test, dissected a squid, and learned how to measure waves. 

Eighth grader Sofie Rossman said, "My experience at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab has been unlike anywhere I've ever gone on a trip with my school. Everything here that we're doing is so hands-on and you really get to experience everything. You get to learn about it while sitting at a desk and then you actually get to go out and see what you're doing and how it affects real life."

The experience was also memorable for seventh grader Serene Meredith.

"It's a great experience to learn all the things that I couldn't have learned in Denver," Meredith shared. "I've never touched a squid until now and I've never picked up a starfish until now. I think I would totally love to come here again and do the same thing over and maybe do some new things."

Discovery Hall Programs at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab offers a variety of school year and summer adventures. Learn more about the program at disl.org/dhp.