(May 10, 2017) --

Dauphin Island Sea Lab graduate students took time the morning of May 5 to speak with students of the University of Alabama's New College Life Track Program. The program provides non-traditional students with a chance to continue and complete their education at their own speed.

"This is an interdisciplinary program and the students build their own programs of study within the parameters of the core requirements of 120 credit hours," Ana Schuber with New College LifeTrack explained. "Our idea with this course was two-fold.  We wanted to do a course that would take a deep dive into an area of Alabama and we wanted to use all three of our program faculty areas to do it."

Eight of DISL's University Programs students shared their journey to their field of study, their current research, and where they hoped their work would bring them in the future.

Dr. Kelly Boyle, who is a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Sean Powers lab, said he enjoyed hearing the background of the UA New College Life Track students and also their concerns. 

"It's interesting to hear their questions and the concerns on their minds," Dr. Boyle said.

Dr. Boyle was joined by Kara Gadeken, Caitlin Wessel, Kayla DaCosta, Steve Dykstra, Aaron Macy, Sarah White, and Taylor Ledford.

"The fact that they could hear from the graduate researchers has given them a lot to think about in terms of what goes on at the Sea Lab and the importance of this area and the work that you all do," Schuber added.  

The UA New College Life Track students also visited the Dauphin Island Heritage and Arts Council, the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, and Indian Shell Mound Park as a part of their studies on Dauphin Island.

The video below is just a snipit from the Q&A session.