Our Team

Dr. Just Cebrian

Senior Marine Scientist III
Professor, University of South Alabama

Professional Interests:

Coastal Ecosystem Science; Human Impacts on Coastal Ecosystems; Coastal Resiliency and Management; Aquatic-Terrestrial Comparative Ecology

Ph.D., 1996 Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain)
Dr. Cebrian has studied coastal ecosystems for over 20 years.  He did his doctorate work on coastal ecosystems of the Mediterranean coast, with an emphasis on seagrass beds.  During his post-doc years in New England (USA), he expanded his work to other types of coastal systems, such as sediment flats and marshes, as well as shifting the focus to the impacts that humans have on the functioning of coastal systems. He has continued to work on these issues during his tenure at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab (Alabama, USA), in particular with research aimed at understanding coastal system resiliency and informing management policies. Throughout his career Dr. Cebrian has also studied how coastal ecosystems compare with terrestrial ones in a number of functional metrics, including trophic processes and energy flow. He has thus far authored ca. 100 publications on these topics