University Programs Faculty

  • Dr. Ruth H.  Carmichael
    Dr. Ruth H.  Carmichael
    Ph.D., Boston University, 2004   Courses Marine Conservation Biology Invertebrate Zoology Scientific Communication Stable Isotope Ecology Seminar Biology and Conservation of Horseshoe Crabs   Current ... - More
  • Dr. Just  Cebrian
    Dr. Just  Cebrian
      Ph.D., 1996 Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain)   Dr. Cebrian has studied coastal ecosystems for over 20 years.  He did his doctorate work on coastal ecosystems of the Mediterranean coast, with an emphasis on ... - More
  • Dr. Kelly  Dorgan
    Dr. Kelly  Dorgan
    University of Maine, 2007 Lab Website Current Opportunities I am currently looking for at least one graduate student (MS or PhD) to start in August 2015. Internships during the academic year may be available – please contact me for ... - More
  • Dr. J. Marcus  Drymon
    Dr. J. Marcus  Drymon
    I am the Principal Investigator (PI) for the University of South Alabama’s Shark Research Program, and a co-PI in the Fisheries Ecology Lab (Dr. Sean Powers, PI). - More
  • Dr. Brian  Dzwonkowski
    Dr. Brian  Dzwonkowski
     Educational background   2009 Ph.D., Marine Studies w/ concentration in Physical Oceanography, UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE   2003 M.S., Marine Studies w/ concentration in Oceanographic Remote Sensing, UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE ... - More
  • Dr. Kenneth L.  Heck, Jr.
    Dr. Kenneth L.  Heck, Jr.
     Ph.D., 1976, Florida State University (Florida State University, 1976) Chief Marine Scientist and Chair of University Programs, DISL; Professor of Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama. Lab Group Current Graduate Students ... - More
  • Dr. Sean P.  Powers
    Dr. Sean P.  Powers
    Ph.D., 1997, Texas A&M University   - More
  • Dr. John F.  Valentine
    Dr. John F.  Valentine
    Ph.D., 1989, University of Alabama - More
  • Michael  Dardeau
    Michael  Dardeau
    Marine Scientist M.S., University of South Alabama, 1982 - More
  • Dr. John  Dindo
    Dr. John  Dindo
    1990, Ph.D., Biology, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Major – Coastal Marine Ecology John Dindo grew up in Barre, Vermont, and was drafted into the U.S. Air Force in 1967. He was trained in Morse code and was stationed in Alaska to... - More
  • Dr. Ronald P.  Kiene
    Dr. Ronald P.  Kiene
    Ph.D., 1987, SUNY Stony Brook Professor Department of Marine Sciences University of South Alabama 5871 USA Drive North Room 25 Mobile AL 36688 and Senior Marine Scientist III Dauphin Island Sea Lab 202 Wiese Hall Dauphin Island, AL 36528... - More
  • Dr. Jeffrey W.  Krause
    Dr. Jeffrey W.  Krause
    Oregon State University, 2008 Assistant Professor, Department of Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama. Assistant Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara Phytoplankton Ecology Lab     Current ... - More
  • Dr. Christine (Tina)  Miller-Way
    Dr. Christine (Tina)  Miller-Way
    Ph.D., 1994, Louisiana State University Dauphin Island Sea Lab Marine Education and Outreach at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab Tina has been associated with the Dauphin Island Sea Lab for approximately 20 years.  She completed her PhD in ... - More
  • Dr. Behzad  Mortazavi
    Dr. Behzad  Mortazavi
    Florida State University Ph.D. 1998 Associate Professor of Biogeochemistry, University of Alabama Director of M.S. Degree Program in Marine Science  Seeking Postdoc Research Associate in Aquatic Biogeochemistry  PhD student ... - More
  • Dr. Alice C.  Ortmann
    Dr. Alice C.  Ortmann
    Ph.D., 2005, University of British Columbia   - More
  • Dr. William F.  Patterson
    Dr. William F.  Patterson
    Ph.D., 1999, University of South Alabama - More
  • Dr. Alison  Robertson
    Dr. Alison  Robertson
    James Cook University, Australia, 2005   Current Opportunities Internships are now available for 2014!! - More
  • Dr. William C. Walton
    Dr. William C. Walton
    Education Ph.D., 2003, University of Maryland Associate Professor, School of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Aquatic Sciences, Auburn University Extension Specialist, Alabama Cooperative Extension System Marine Invertebrate Fisheries, ... - More