Our Team

Dr. Kenneth L.  Heck, Jr.

Senior Marine Scientist III, Professor & Chair, Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Professor, University of South Alabama

Professional Interests:

Ecological studies of interactions between seagrasses and associated macrofauna, especially shrimps, crabs, and fishes; Global assessment of seagrass nursery value, and experimental investigations of herbivory, nutrient enrichment and overfishing as they impact seagrass ecosystems.

 Ph.D., 1976, Florida State University
(Florida State University, 1976) Chief Marine Scientist and Chair of University Programs, DISL; Professor of Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama.

Lab Group

Current Graduate Students
Anthony Marshak, PhD Candidate
Whitney Scheffel, MS Candidate
Mary “Maddie” Kennedy, MS Candidate

Post Doctoral Associates
Jennifer Hill, PhD

Dorothy “Dottie” Byron, MS
Sharon “Cissie” Havard

Courses Taught
Marine Ecology (Summer Programs)
Advance Marine Ecology
Field Marine Science

Selected Research Grants

National Fish and Wildlife Federation - Evaluation of the Pelican Point Habitat Restoration Project (with Just Cebrian and Sean P. Powers)

DOI: US Fish and Wildlife Service - Black mangrove extension into the Gulf Islands National Seashore: Will climate change result in significant ecosystem level changes? (with Just Cebrian)

National Park Service - Monitoring seagrass resources of the Gulf Islands National Seashore

Coastal Impact Assistance Program; US Fish and Wildlife Service - Submerged aquatic vegetation restoration and conservation within Baldwin County, Alabama

Coastal Impact Assistance Program; US Fish and Wildlife Service - Shoreline/habitat restoration project

MS/AL SeaGrant - Predicting the establishment potential of invasive tiger shrimp: the roles of competition and predation (with Jennifer Hill)

National Science Foundation: BioOce - Acquisition of a laser ablation inductively couple plasma mass spectrometer to support marine science research and education in the northern Gulf of Mexico (with Will Patterson, Ruth Carmichael, Jeffrey Krause, and Sean P. Powers)