University Programs

University programs at DISL consists of two parts: our Summer Undergraduate programs and our year round Graduate Programs.  

Our Undergraduate Programs occur only during the summer months. Students interested in attending summer classes should visit our Summer Programs page for complete information on how to apply and what classes will be offered.

Our Graduate Programs occur year round. With many Ph.D.'s in multiple disciplines we have a variety of subjects for potential candidates to choose from.

For more information please visit our Graduate Programs page for current Ph.D. list and information on how to apply.

Research and Instructional Facilities

University Programs instructional facilities include 7 classroom/laboratory buildings and a library with holdings that include numerous titles and original DISL papers dealing with marine sciences. 

Wiese Marine Science Hall:

The graduate and research programs are housed in the Marine Science Hall, which contains 24,000 square feet of research labs, classroom and faculty/graduate student office space.

Available instrumentation includes:

  • a carbon/nitrogen analyzer,
  • TOC,
  • nutrient autoanalyzer,
  • ringdown spectrometer for d 13C,
  • several HPLCs and gas chromatographs,
  • a scintillation counter,
  • UV/VIS fluorometers and spectrophotometers.

Our analytical facility recently acquired an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) equiped with an autosampler for liquid samples and a laser ablation system for solid samples. 

Support equipment includes:

  • balances,
  • a refrigerated centrifuge,
  • muffle furnaces and ovens,
  • research grade deionized water,
  • computer equipment and the usual complement of laboratory materials.

Field gear includes:

  • high resolution CTD's and current meters,
  • oxygen meters,
  • plankton nets,
  • corers,
  • data buoys,
  • transmissometers,
  • water quality monitors,
  • bottom grabs,
  • photometers,
  • refractometers,
  • pH meters,
  • a variety of trawls and other nets for collecting, and a variety of water samplers. 


Wiese Hall Classroom - Seating capacity of 50
Galathea - Seating capacity of 100
Horizon - 4 classrooms.Each of these classrooms are designed to accommodate up to 30 students. 
Shelby Auditorium - Seating capacity of 200

Research Vessels

DISL maintains two research vessels:

  • The 65-ft., diesel-powered fiberglass hull R/V Alabama Discovery 

  • The 46-ft., diesel-powered fiberglass hull R/V E.O. Wilson

In addition it maintains several small (14 to 30 feet) outboard boats and skiffs.

You must provide a notarized Vessel release form before you are allowed to board a DISL/MESC or facility-chartered vessel.

For questions about the scheduling of the vessels, please contact Katy Blankenhorn.

For questions about their operational capabilities, please contact Dr. John Dindo.

Student Housing and Campus Life



The Challenger houses 86 individuals and is used only by undergraduates.  

Each dormitory room has a two person occupancy and is equipped with an individual air conditioner, twin beds, at least two closets, and a study table. 


Albatross offers a two-story efficiency apartment complex with twelve units for graduate students and visiting faculty. 

Coin operated washing machines and dryers are available on campus.

Facilities at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab have been renovated and constructed to provide access to all users. To assist DISL in accommodating any special needs that a student may have, please notify your specific Registrar before your arrival of any disabilities or conditions that require special accommodations. Regina Kollegger is the Registrar for University Programs.


May's Cafe

May's Cafe

The newly rennovated May's Cafe sports a fresh salad bar, home cooked breakfast, lunch and dinners, and a cheerful staff.