(updated 14 October, 2000)

The new medusa that has been in northern Gulf waters for about 3 weeks. Large numbers are occurring (10/13/00) along the coast from Florida to at least Mississippi. The animals are large, many exceeding 70 cm in diameter. Based on what we have now, it looks like it belongs in Cyaniidae, but this is not Cyanea capillata, not do I think it is C. lamarckii.

Some general notes:

 Here are some pictures...

pink floater.jpg (38672 bytes) Many were swimming upside down at the surface like this one .

pink kreisel3.jpg (158886 bytes) Held in one of our kreisels.

pink kreisel hollow tentacle.jpg (133975 bytes) Close-up of tentacles.

pink clear mesoglea.jpg (47245 bytes) Mesoglea is very clear (note the bell is folded to show this).

pink lappets.jpg (55536 bytes) Lappets form a 'w', there are 8 per inter-rhopial space, 64 total. (8 rhopalia)

pink bell margin.jpg (270524 bytes) Bell margin. Grid is 1 cm2.

pink radial canal.jpg (50398 bytes) Bell margin.

pink marginal cluster.jpg (34216 bytes) Tentacle clusters (>5 total) extending from the cleft between adjacent lappets.

pink subumb texture.jpg (65958 bytes) Sub-umbrellar texture.

pink tabletop.jpg (132307 bytes) This animal was 61 cm laid flat (aboral down).