Alison Robertson, Ph.D.

Alison Robertson, Ph.D.

Senior Marine Scientist I

Research Assistant Professor, University of South Alabama Ph.D. 2005, James Cook University (Australia)


Over the past 15 years, Dr. Alison Robertson's research has focused on elucidation of the mechanisms of toxicity and resistance, and health impacts of natural toxins and anthropogenic contaminants in marine and freshwater at multiple levels of organization (bio-molecular, cellular, organismal, population, community, and ecosystem). She has a strong interest in understanding impacts of chemical contaminants in aquatic organisms and ecosystems, particularly the sub-lethal effects on behavior, reproduction, immune system, and nervous system function.

Research Interest

Dr. Alison Robertson's research interests focus on natural phycotoxins, pollutants, and other anthropogenic toxicants on ecosystem, wildlife, and human health in tropical and sub-tropical regions.



  • 2019

    Dorgan, K.M., R. Parker, R., W. Ballentine, S.K. Berke, E. Kiskaddon, K. Gadeken, E. Weldin, W.C. Clemo, T. Caffray, S. Budai, A. Robertson, and S. Bell. Sublethal effects of oil exposure on infaunal behavior, bioturbation, and sediment oxygen consumption. Marine Ecology Progress Series. (In Press)

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