(November 06, 2017) --

Thompson Middle School's seventh grade science teachers brought their students directly to the lesson at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. It's a trip Thompson Middle School students have had the chance to experience for more than 20 years. 

"The students talk about it all year," teacher Suzanne Lee said. 

Lee said the highlight of the trip for the students is exploring the salt marsh and the trip aboard the Research Vessel Alabama Discovery. Even the school's principal, Dr. Neely Woodley, jumped into the lesson learning. 

"I feel like so much information dropped into my head," Dr. Woodley said.

During this year's trip, the students had the chance to test drive a new class about marine debris with Discovery Hall Program educators. The students learned what marine debris is, how it affects animals, and how it can travel through our waterways. 

"It's a great trip. You can't help but learn something," Lee said.

Learn more about bringing your students to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab for an academic year program at disl.org/dhp.