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The Marine Science High School Course is an intense 4-week program where students, current 9th through 12th graders, live on campus and gain a stronger understanding of the various fields in marine science.

The course will be held from June 10 through July 6, 2018. The deadline to apply is April 2, 2018.  The program cost is $2,250 and covers meals, housing, tuition, and field trips. 

All program information is sent via email unless otherwise requested. Please add to your address book.

The Alabama State Department of Education has reviewed the course standards of the Discovery Hall Programs' Marine Science Course, and Alabama students can take the course for the third or fourth science elective required for graduation. Out-of-state schools are encouraged to provide course credit toward a standard or advanced high school diploma.

R. Quackenbush Marine Science Scholarship

Discovery Hall Programs is offering ONE full scholarship for students interested in a research experience immediately following the completion of the class. The R. Quackenbush Marine Science Scholarship is for high school students interested in continuing their study of marine science after the DHP Marine Science High School Course has ended. 

The scholarship covers all tuition and fees for the DHP Marine Science High School Course and includes a research opportunity.

For two weeks following the class, students will work in Dr. Jeffrey Krause's laboratory on a National Science Foundation funded project researching phytoplankton growth dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The scholarship student must have off‐campus living arrangements after the DHP class concludes, because dorm space will not be available. The student will not be chaperoned except during work hours. Students will be expected to work regular business hours, be conscientious and responsible, and abide by safety rules of Dr. Krause’s lab as well as the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.

A small stipend will be provided to assist students with travel and food costs while working.


Students will be expected to conduct their DHP Marine Science High School Course research project on a topic approved by Dr. Krause, submit a brief bio for DISL’s website and participate in at least one outreach event in the 2018‐2019 academic year.

How to Apply

Qualifications include an interest in pursuing marine/ocean science in college, and completed course work in biology, chemistry and math through algebra. Students wishing to apply should check the appropriate box on the application and write a short essay (~250 words) in addition to the essay required for the Marine Science High School Course. The scholarship essay should explain the students interest in this opportunity.