Field Trip FAQ

How do I schedule a field trip? 

All field trips must be scheduled through the Scheduling Coordinator, Beth Klein. We recommend reserving your dates 1 year advance, but you may need to schedule up to 2 years in advance for peak dates. Vacancies during the currently-occurring school year may be available, but are limited. 

How many students can I bring?

Sea Lab class sizes are limited to 35 students. Larger groups will be split into multiple classes, and charged per class. We can accommodate a maximum of 140 students per day from all school groups. We ask that students be assigned to “Sea Lab” class groups, which may differ from their classrooms at school, prior to arrival at the lab in order to save time and alleviate the confusion of organizing students when your class should be starting.

**DISL's educational facilities and programs are for the express use of your classroom students. Children not in your class are not permitted to attend.** 

What should students wear?

Students participating in field activities should wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather (rain jackets may be needed) and activity. Shoes should tie or strap on securely; sneakers that can get wet and  muddy are best. Sandal-type shoes (Crocs©, Keens©, Tevas©, etc) are not permitted for field activities. Many students choose to bring rain boots for the marsh activity. This is strongly discouraged, as students will frequently be in water up to or past their knees, causing the boots to fill with water, get stuck, and easily slip off feet.

How many parents/chaperones can attend?

We recommend 1 adult for every 5 elementary-aged students, and 1 per 10 middle and high school-aged students. Due to limited space in our facilities, groups who bring larger numbers of chaperones should understand that not all adults will be able to attend all activities.

Is there housing on campus for my overnight field trip?

Yes! The Sea Lab has two dormitories available for visiting groups to reserve. Each dorm can accommodate up to 86 people (40 on the first floor, 46 on the second), and each room sleeps two. Two communal restrooms are located at either end of each floor. There is also a lounge/common room available for groups staying on the first floor of each dorm. Groups assigned to the second floors should not be permitted to roam the downstairs hallway or use the common room. You will need to bring your own linens/pillows/blankets for our twin size beds.  We would be happy to arrange the use of a classroom in the evenings if you would like somewhere for your group to gather.

Groups with 35 students or less will be assigned to one dorm floor. Groups with 36-70 students will have one entire dorm to themselves. Groups with more than 70 students will spill over to the second dorm, and depending on total numbers, may or may not be sharing the second dorm with another group. Groups will never be asked to share a floor with another school group.

Is there a cafeteria on campus?

Yes! The Sea Lab has a full-service cafeteria for overnight groups, or day groups wishing to include lunch in their trip. Meals are served buffet-style, with a variety of entrée and side items available, and full salad bar with lunch and dinner. Special dietary needs can be accommodated with advanced notice. A minimum of 20 people is required to open the cafeteria for meals. If your group is the only one on campus, has less than 20 participants, and wishes to eat in the cafeteria, you will be charged for 20 people per meal.

How many participants can I bring on a boat trip?

Maximum capacity for the vessel trip is 37. With a full class group of 35 students, this means only two teachers or chaperones can also attend. These restrictions are set by the Coast Guard, and cannot be waived. If you have an unusually large number of parents who wish to participate in the vessel trip, we suggest scheduling 2 trips to accommodate all members of your group. Middle and high school students (grades 7-12) can take the 4-hour trip, or split larger groups into two 2-hour trips, while 5-6th grade students can take the 2-hour trip.

What is the timeline for reserving and planning a field trip? 

One to two years before your desired date: Call to book your trip, reserve dorm and cafeteria space if needed, and pay trip deposit. 2 months before trip: Send in pre-trip paperwork, including dorm and cafeteria forms if needed, and provide estimate of participant numbers. 1 week before trip: Finalize participant numbers, send in dorm assignments if applicable. Arrival: Check-in with Scheduling Coordinator. Allow adequate time to move into dorms or sort students into Sea Lab class groups before your first scheduled activity. Overnight groups will then follow the schedule sent prior to arrival.