Event Date: Thursday, May 3
Event Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Shelby Auditorium

Seminars set up by University Programs faculty cover a variety of topics throughout the year. Students on and off campus are invited to attend to learn more about what is happening in the marine science community. Topics include oysters, restoration, hypoxia, and more. The majority of seminars are streamed live and archived to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab YouTube channel.


Talk: TBA

Host: Dr. Just Cebrian

Broad-scale human adaptation to climate change has become increasingly necessary. It is critical that during this period of historically unprecedented ecological change, meaningful linkages across scientific and decision making arenas are developed to anticipate climate-related ecosystem changes and invest strategically to increase socio-ecological resilience. Dr. Reyes is interested in marsh/wetland interactions with climate and humans. In essence, 3 questions drive my research. (1) Where’s the challenge on watching plants grow? (2) What’s so special about coastal wetlands? And, (3) how the future of our coasts going to look like and why do we care? Before answering these questions, he'll add that any of them can be focused using different lenses (where “lens” is scale: temporal, spatial and complexity). So, he says, the answer depends on the glasses we look through.


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