Event Date: Wednesday, February 13
Event Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Shelby Center Auditorium

Seminars set up by University Programs faculty cover a variety of topics throughout the year. Students on and off campus are invited to attend to learn more about what is happening in the marine science community. Topics include oysters, restoration, hypoxia, and more. The majority of seminars are streamed live and archived to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab YouTube channel.

Speaker: Dr. Raphael Ritson-Williams

Talk: TBA

Dr. Ritson-Williams' research focuses on experimental ecology to understand modern threats to marine organisms. Increasing outreach is critical for communicating the importance of marine ecosystems and he strives to educate through photography, popular writing, and public presentations. His most recent research is on those organisms that are most at threat from climate change. He uses survey techniques to link the monitoring of physical conditions to patterns of community change as climate change intensifies. He uses organic chemistry to characterize marine natural products and test chemical ecology. He uses genetic methods to better understand the genomic variability of acclimatization and adaptation among coral populations in response to climate change.